This project isn't a full-blown remodeling; it's more of an appliance upgrade and a cosmetic touchup.

The original propane cook top and over have been removed.  I dislike the inherent danger of using propane in a confined and enclosed space.  A small propane leak would allow the gas to collect and ignite at the smallest spark (the propane grill used outside is started by sparking a typical AA battery).  The new cook top and oven will be 120V AC.  The exact model and features have not yet been determined.

The galley counter top is 4" ceramic tile.  I didn't realize just how much I dislike ceramic tile until I began removing the exact same type of tile from the kitchen at the house.  The new countertop will probably be laminate, possibly the same laminate that was intended for the kitchen in the house until we decided to spend the money on Silestone.

The refrigeration and freezer may, or may not, get upgraded. The jury is still out on that one.

The microwave needs a shelf, or other mechanism, to get it off of the countertop.  It's an inefficient use of the limited available space.