Prior to the Electric Propulsion project the existing helm configuration was annoying but adequate.  However, due to the new electronic throttle that is connected to the motor controller, the existing helm configuration must be changed.  It is impossible to mount the throttle to the helm pedestal (the old engine throttle was connected through a small hole in the Edson pedestal; the new electric throttle simply won't fit).  Since the helm console needs to be modified anyway, this is a great time to design / build / install one that better suits the new electronics.

Project Status: Under design consideration

  • Include at least the following display units
    • Autopilot control unit
    • FI501 Wind Display
    • FI503 Multifunction Display
  • NavNet 3D MFD8 Multi-Function Display
  • Electronic Throttle (side assembly)
  • May also include LED displays indicating motor voltage(RPM) and/or amperage draw